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Press Conferences Livestreamed from Denver, May 24!
Media invited to attend in person or online - topics include raceway noise impacts on neighborhoods, getting rid of unwanted sounds during events, coral reef health:
Recordings will be available! #ASA182
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AT COLLECTIONS – Underwater Acoustics

Underwater acoustics is the study of sound in the sea. It encompasses topics including the physics of acoustic propagation & the effects of oceanographic features. These #AcousticsToday articles provide a sampling.
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We invite AT Collections to fit the needs of various courses or interests of specific groups. We particularly encourage graduate students and early career professionals to develop Collections that will interest specific groups. Learn how to contribute: acousticsorg photo
@ASAStudents don't miss the Student Reception at #ASA182! It's next Wednesday, May 25th, from 6 to 8pm MDT.

And a huge thank you to the sponsor for the event, @RealityLabs Research!
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Theses Historical Biographies in Acoustics remind readers of the major historic figures in #acoustics. This #AcousticsToday series shares the scientific and engineering breakthroughs that advanced acoustics and the personalities behind those discoveries. acousticsorg photo
#ASA182 meeting attendees, make sure to mark your calendars for the ASA Jam next Wednesday, May 25th, at 8pm MDT.

And a big thank you to the sponsor for the event, the National Council of Acoustical Consultants!
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Curious to know more about the past leaders of the ASA? Ever wonder what paths have been walked to become ASA president? Looking for advice on how to navigate the professional acoustics world? Read these #AcousticsToday interviews with past ASA presidents: acousticsorg photo
The World Through Sound series on #AcousticsToday showcases the basic concepts of acoustics in a way that is accessible to a wide audience but still interesting for experts in the field. acousticsorg photo
Are you a student that will be attending the ASA Meeting? Be sure to sign up for the Student Outreach for Networking and Integrating Colleagues (SONIC) program. Meet fellow students and engage with the ASA community! Register now:

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AT COLLECTIONS – Animal Hearing and Sound Production

Animals show amazing diversity in their hearing capabilities, sound receiving structures, and how they use and produce sound. Check out these #AcousticsToday articles to explore more!
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Read this #AcousticsToday article to learn How the Early Auditory Experience Sculpts the Auditory Cortex of the Brain. acousticsorg photo
The Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality- What Do Listeners Prefer? Find out in #AcousticsToday: acousticsorg photo
Art Popper is a Fellow of ASA, editor of #AcousticsToday, and the coordinating editor for animal bioacoustics for @ASA_JASA. Learn more about his career in Acoustics Today: acousticsorg photo
AT COLLECTIONS - Articles in Spanish

#AcousticsToday is pleased to share Spanish-language translations of a number of its articles. We include the articles in Spanish to reach out to a broader international community.
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